Fairtrade textiles in Luxembourg – 2019/2020

Fairtrade textiles in Luxembourg – 2019/2020

Opening a pop-up store selling fairtrade clothes in Luxembourg


Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg, together with Caritas Luxembourg, led the “Rethink your clothes” campaign to raise awareness among the
Luxembourg public about the issues related to the production and consumption of clothing. Its objective was to launch a debate not only on the pollution generated by the textile industry (second largest polluter in the world after oil), but also to highlight the human rights violations practiced in this sector: extremely low wages, inhuman working hours, child labour, exposure to toxic products, harassment, trade union repression. As the campaign came to an end, Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg wishes to continue raising awareness around this still unknown sector and suggests targeting the supply of professional clothing in Luxembourg.

Peer group focus

It is essential that not only companies but also their entire production chain comply with binding measures that consider human and environmental rights. The in-depth analysis of this peer group will make it possible to know the current context and to identify potential obstacles preventing professionals from purchasing Fairtrade clothing.

• Analysis of the supply chain for professional clothing in Luxembourg
• Comparison of conventional and Fairtrade sectors in terms of professional clothing
• Determination of the factors (external and internal) that limit companies from sourcing Fairtrade work wear
• Development of arguments: What can be the economic arguments for a company to engage in responsible provision of supplies regarding human and environmental rights? What “interest” would a company have in sourcing labeled clothing?
• Analysis of existing legislation at European level
Analysis option : How can we ensure that the social aspect and human rights are also taken into account?

Suggested methodology
• SWOT analysis
• Cartography of Luxembourg according to the volume of purchase
• Interviews with different stakeholders
• Interventions with professionals involved in NGOs, politics, academia and the textile industry

The peer group experiment :

  • Opening a pop-up store selling  fair trade clothes in Luxembourg

Peer group members:

  • Léa DUVAL
  • Aurelija GYLYTE
  • Sarah HAAS
  • Carla JELLEMA
  • Irina LIMA
  • Yuyu OBARA


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