Company X Project – 2020/2021

Company X project

Company X Project – 2020/2021

Setting of a new democratic model to enhance corporate social responsibility


There is a critical discrepancy between the pace of the globalization of the economy and how the civil society organizes and structures itself in response to related challenges, be they societal or environmental. Sociologists talk about a crisis of confidence in civil society relating to democratic and market processes. How these interact can be seen in at least two dimensions:

  • Mistrust in the democratic process due to increasingly complex legislation, potentially undermined by private-interest driven agendas (1);
  • Mistrust in self-regulation by industries in the form of corporate social responsibility (CSR) due to a too vast diversity in models and thus too many operating consumer labels (2), conflict of interest at the level of conception and non-continuous or lack of audits (3).

Peer group focus

The peer group project provides a room to reflect on innovative models of democratic participation with the goal to tackle mistrust by citizens and consumers in regulatory processes.

The peer group can explore the development of Company X and develop propositions on:

  • what kind of ‘platform’ should be created
  • a not-for-profit business model
  • corporate governance principles ensuring best transparency & accountability to its shareholders and stakeholders
  • an efficient communication process to the public and communicating the not-for-profit purpose of Company X and its non-financial incentives;
  • the core values and principles to which Company X shareholders must commit
  • an action plan to a first launch
  • and/or other topics worked out and proposed by the group

Peer group achievements

Peer group members:

  • Elisa MENDES
  • Chantal WINANDY


  • Nora Schleich
  • Jeff Braun


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